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Patience with your Photography


Patience with your Photography
Patience and planning are very important components in photography.  I just want to share a couple of experiences that just so happen to have occurred during sunrise photo trips.  One was 10 minutes from my house the other was a 2 1/2 hour drive.  Let’s begin with the most recent trip, I planned to go up to Mt. Rainier to catch the sunrise at a the Reflection Lakes.  I had been thinking about getting photos from this spot for a few years.  I figured out what time sunrise and twilight were and planned my drive accordingly.  Twilight was at 4:53AM and sunrise at 5:30AM, so I left at the way too early time of 2:15AM to get there in time for twilight. The whole drive down to Mt. Rainier I could see the moon and clear skies off to the east (great news for me).

I arrived at the lakes at 4:50AM at the same time as another photographer.  It was completely fogged in, all you could see was the faint outlines of trees.  My first thought was “great, I drove all this way to not get the sunrise”.  My second thought was to just sit tight, put on some music and wait and see what happens.

At 5:45AM this shot was taken, 15 minutes after sunrise and all I can see is trees silhouetted in the fog.  No beautiful mountain, reflected in the still lake, with the wonderful colors of sunrise that I had imagined.




At around 6:00AM the guy in the truck drove away, I guess he lost patience with the situation.  This is about 5 minutes before changes started happening in the landscape.  First the sun made its first appearance to the east at 6:03AM.









Two minutes later at 6:05, blue skies started to appear and the faint outline of the majestic Mt. Rainier could be seen to the north.  My patience was starting to pay off.










I spent the next 40 minutes walking east from the largest of the Refection Lakes to the smaller lake and back.  Here are some of the images captured during that time.  My point being if I had given up and abandoned my initial plan of catching the sunrise at the Refection Lakes with Mt. Rainier in the background, I would have missed out on some really cool photo opportunities.










Here are a few other shots I got on this trip.













Have Patience with your photography, you might just be surprised what a happens!  You may just capture the best photo in your life.

Have fun!


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